Tips for Educators & Parents to Use With Kids & Teens at Home

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1) Tik Tok Challenge For Students At Your School To Celebrate Their Cultural Diversity: Each school fills out a form, clicking the purple button above, to get their own school’s MagicalMeltingPotChallenge hashtag.  Students who wish to participate videotape themselves with a dish they love from their culture.  In 60-seconds or less, they tell the dish name, the country it’s from, the cultural significance, and why it’s a happy memory.  They overlay in text the name of the dish and the country it’s from. They should add the school’s MagicalMeltingPot hashtag and other hashtags they think people would search in their caption.  Then they upload their video to the school’s hashtag on Tik Tok.

2) Use an inflatable globe or have kids find a global or continent map online and have them locate the country they’re reading about.

3) Designate 1 night a month when your family will make a meal from another country.  Have the whole family read the Magical Melting Pot book chapter before they start to make the dishes, so they have a better feel for the culture and the chef.

4) Have the kids & teens come up with their own restaurant idea

a) Describe it and make a print advertisement for it
b) Make Pinterest Boards with:
-  What the restaurant would look like inside
-  What the food would look like
c) Write a restaurant review of it
d) Make some Instagram photos of it:
- What would the photos be
- What would they say in the Instagram
- What would the hashtags be?
e) Have them design a menu

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